Our agency, ABC Translation, has specialized for many years in the field of translation and interpreting. Indeed, we can provide you with all the services relating to this field whether it is for an official translation, a simple translation or a need for interpretation (live).

With a team of over 500 translators and interpreters, we know how to manage any type of project within extremely short deadlines. Quality and responsiveness are our watchwords for results that are always up to the expectations of our customers. We are present in all of French-speaking Switzerland, German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. Thanks to this presence and our responsiveness, we have been able to evolve and we now offer translation services in more than 60 different languages.

Official translation:

We specialize in official translation so that we can make it easier for you once you arrive in Switzerland or for a trip abroad. Translations are generally legalized with our notary and then legalized in the Chancellery with an apostille or legalization according to the conventions. Customers’ lead times are often very short.

This is why we have set up a system allowing the documents to be translated, legalized and apostilled in record time. For example, we need two days to be able to do the various steps with a document of less than 5 pages. These translations can then be legalized by the consulate of the destination country if necessary.

The official translation for the recognition of your foreign diplomas in Switzerland is also part of our range of services. Again, we translate the documents and then legalize them with our notary so that they can be accepted in Bern, the Red Cross and SEFRI for example. Your file will be complete for analysis by the recognition bodies.


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