Real Estate

Our real estate agency, ABC Translation, first started by purchasing in 2017 a 5.5 room apartment in the west of Lausanne to be able to make it an international student residence. Indeed, with the University of Lausanne and EPFL nearby, the residence became a success as soon as it opened in September 2017. The 4 rooms were rented in a few days and our real estate department was born.

Since this first experience, we have continued to grow and we are now able to manage the purchase, sale, rental and management of your property in Switzerland and also abroad.


Buying a property is an extremely important decision that will influence your future for several years. Such a decision should not be taken lightly. This is why it is important to choose the right partner who can advise you on several important points such as the condition of the property, the mortgage calculation, and the viability of the investment in the long term. A good analysis of the situation will guarantee a healthy and safe purchase.


The real estate market in Switzerland has continued to develop, with prices constantly increasing. We have reached a decisive moment when supply exceeds demand and it has now become difficult to sell your property with the quantity of housing on sale. By calling on an expert, you guarantee your chances of being able to sell your property in a shorter time and at the desired price. Take advantage of our network throughout Switzerland and internationally to increase your chances of success.


Renting your property may seem easy, but there are several pitfalls to avoid when you want to rent your apartment, house, or even room to someone. A complete file must be put in place before you can consider a potential tenant with, for example, an extract from the lawsuits and the last three payment slips. Then, the deposit must be paid by bank transfer, or by means of a rental guarantee with an insurance company.

Student accommodation:

We have several student accommodation available for short or long periods. Most of our accommodation is located near the University of Lausanne, EPFL, ECAL, and EHL. The most requested are shared rooms and studios. You have to plan in advance to be sure of having accommodation at the start of the school year.

Apartment hunter (real estate):

Do you have difficulty finding accommodation according to your criteria or problems finding a rental apartment? Our apartment hunters are at your disposal to help you find a property as quickly as possible. Thanks to our network and our professionalism, we will find you accommodation as soon as possible and according to your criteria.

Home Staging:

Are you having trouble selling your property? In this case, you can call on our Home Staging team, which specializes in enhancing apartments and houses, to facilitate their sales. This system has proven itself for properties that need a quick renovation or a few modifications to make a difference.

Price estimate (real estate):

The good valuation of a propert compared to the market price is crucial for a successful sale and at the right price. Thanks to criteria such as the year of construction and location, we will be able to estimate your property as close as possible to its real value on the current real estate market.

Real Estate
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